Project programme: Interreg Italia-Malta

Priority Axis 2 – Promote the competitiveness of the cross-border area.

Investment Priority 8.e – Promoting sustainable and quality employment and supporting workers’ mobility via the integration of cross-border job markets, including cross-border mobility, joint local initiatives in favour of employment, information and consultancy services and joint training.

Specific Objective 2.2 – To promote the mobility of the workers in the cross border area through the creation of operative networks.

 Project Code: C2-2.2-112

 CUP code: G77H20001510004

Project summary

The common challenge that MOVE ON wants to tackle is unemployment, especially youth unemployment. According to Eurostat (Unemployment in the EU regions in 2018, 25/04/2019) in 2018 the unemployment rate for the age group 15-24 year was 53,6% in Sicily (+0,9% on 2017) while in Malta was definitely lower (9,2%) and less than the previous year (10,6%). According to EC projections for 2020 also perspectives for GDP growth are quite different: +5% for Malta and +0,7% for Italy, respectively the first and the last amongst EU countries on this regard. Two economic systems, with opposite trends as regards work opportunities for young people, if jointly tackle this challenge can support the search for a better equilibrium in the whole cross border labor market. In other words, if it is true the young Sicilians are facing more difficulties to enter the labour market it is true also that the Maltese economic system, compared to that of Sicily, has more difficulties to find qualified workforce in the prioritary sectors of the Cooperation Programme. Hence, the overall objective of the project is to promote labour insertion opportunities for young people by supporting mobility processes within the cross border area. To this aim the main outputs planned by the project are: public notice for the assignment of 100 mobility vouchers; information and promotional material; project events; dedicated web site and social channels to promote the project; 2 project desks to assist beneficiaries and other target groups; report on mobility opportunities in the prioritary sectors of reference; follow up report on the motilities promoted; input for the “post 2020” programming period, especially FSE+. Young people and firms will benefit from these outputs but also policy makers and the main stakeholders in the area of active labour policies and training. The Project Partners will operate in continuous synergy in order to favour a real cross border impact.

Project partners:

Ass.For.SEO Soc. Consortile a r. l. (Italy)


HERMES Corporation Ltd (Malta)


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