Within the national and European programmes Hermes Corporation LTD operates as a Partner for the development and improvement of the VET system through 4 main lines of activities:

VET transnational mobility

Cooperation for transnational mobility acting as hosting partner for learners, teachers and staff, assisting them during their learning and training programme in Malta. Hermes has an extensive network of more than 300 companies providing work based learning opportunities. Through partnership with University, School and Training Centers, Hermes offers training and job shadowing programs for teachers and trainers.

VET strategic partnerships

Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, aimed to support the improvement of the quality of the vocational education and training. This is achieved by developing, implementing and transferring innovative practices in local, regional, national and European provisions.

Youth Work

Hermes operates in order to enable participation and support initiatives aimed at young people and to promote their participation in society, non-traditional learning, mobility and information.


Hermes provides all the necessary tools for qualification and certification of professional skills and knowledge to facilitate entry into the labour market.