The European Youth Strategy recognizes a strategic role for Youth Work as a working practice with young people, in order to create an economy based on knowledge, education, innovation, adaptability, inclusive labor markets and on active involvement in society.

In this context, Hermes works to allow young people to develop their human capital, strengthen social capital, contributing to the change of any risk behaviors.

This through participation and support for initiatives aimed at young people and which encourage their participation in society, non-formal learning, mobility and information.

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As part of the European youth strategy, Hermes carries out projects in the following areas:

Participation in civil society: through the implementation of projects aimed at involving young people in a dialogue with national and European policy makers. The projects also promote the active citizenship of young people and their job prospects through non-traditional teaching and learning.

Non-formal learning: Hermes promotes activities that encourage learning by doing and recognition of participation in non-formal training through the YouthPass, i.e. the certificate that describes and recognizes the results of the individual learning path and that can be of great use for the participant’s future training and work path.

Training of youth workers: through the implementation of activities within the European Youth Strategy, which guarantees support for those working with young people to acquire the necessary skills and competences, in particular in the field of non-formal and youth animation at European level and in a European context. SALTO-YOUTH is one of the most useful tools utilised for finding international training opportunities.

Mobility for young people and youth workers: through the implementation of training projects and exchange of good practices, for young people aged 15-30, such as Exchanges and European Voluntary Service (EVS), and for EU or extra-EU based youth organizations, through large-scale projects of the European Voluntary Service.